“Let the children come to me, do not hinder them….”


Rev. Wilson Macharia, Agg. Director


CHURCH SCHOOL WEEK 2017 will be observed from 27th November - 3rd December 2017

“And how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings which are able to instruct you for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus”.
(NIV: 2Timothy 3: 15)



This is commissioning of 29 Church School teachers at PCEA Zimmerman Parish, Nairobi North Presbytery on Sunday 28th February 2014, by Rev. John Mwangi, Parish Minister.



Today Tuesday 29th September 2015, the Moderator of the PCEA 21st General Assembly, Rt. Rev. Julius Mwamba accompanied by other G.A Officials commissioned a school bus for the PCEA Shalom Model Academy and ECDE College.

The school is a project of the PCEA Church School Central Committee based at the PCEA Lay Training and Conference Center – Zambezi. It offers part-time (School based) Certificate and Diploma courses in ECDE, and is planning to start fulltime ECDE training.

The Model academy which has a population of over 100 kids has all classes from Baby class, middle and pre-unit classes. This year it also opened doors for standard one class and Day Care services are also offered.
The College and Model academy both have highly qualified personnel and thus the school performs exemplary well within the surrounding community and nationally.

The School bus will be used to ferry especially the Model academy kids from their homes to school and back and taking the students for organized trips. It will also be available for hiring services.

Others present during the commissioning ceremony were the Director of Christian Education/Ag. Director Church School Rev. Nahashon G. Mwaura, Chairman Church School Mr. Duncan Weru, Treasurer Mr. Wilson Mungai and the ECDE Prog. Officer Mr. Michael Njuguna.
For any information, the Program Officer can be reached on Tel. 0720456463, Email: teachermike143@yahoo.com or the Director on 0722295025; Email: gichurumn@yahoo.com

The Department of Church School

It is an accepted pre-supposition that the Church must teach about its faith, worship and mission. This teaching must also benefit both those within and outside the Church.
The Church School Committee lay emphasis on teaching children in the Church setting.

The work of Church School Department is under the Church School Departmental Secretary appointed by the General Assembly (or appropriate body).

Church school objectives;

  1. To sensitise the children so that they have a lasting enthusiasm to hear/learn the word of God throughout their lives.
  2. To develop a holistic child who is socially, morally and spiritually fit to live harmoniously in a community.
  3. To develop children who respect and obey authority.
  4. To develop children who take care of the environment.
  5. Recruitment of adequate church school teachers who are able to handle the incresing number of church school children.
  6. To develop teaching materials that are relevant and contextual

Picture Book 2

This Picture Book 2 in this series is meant to be used alongside the Lessons Book 2 for children from 7 – 9 years.  Each of the pictures is numbered according to the page in the Lesson Book.  Each lesson has a drawing similar to the miniature in the lesion.  Where same picture is used for more than one lesson, the earlier picture indicates so.

The teacher is advised to look at the picture long before going to class to familiarize with the introductory questions in each lesson.  He or she can colour the picture with crayons to give the learners extra aesthetic value.  It will also act as an example for them when they embark on colouring their pieces as in conclusion of each lesson.

The pictures are designed to make the learner enjoy the lesion and continue on at home with parents/guardians.

It is hoped that teachers will enjoy the use of these tools as we nurture the children.

“Let the children come to me, do not hinder them….” – Matthew 19:14