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A New Parish Minister for Ndeiya

Induction of Rev. Robert Gibson Gichuki in to PCEA Ndeiya Parish, Limuru Presbytery .

The service was conducted by Limuru Presbytery Moderartor the Rev. Geoffry Mwihandi. Rev. Robert Robert Gibson Gichuki who is now the Moderator of the Kirk-Session of Ndeiya Parissh will serve 9 congreagtions that form Ndeiya Parish. Noting that the Parish is expanse, the Moderator of the Presbytery asked the members of Ndeiya to consider the vitality of sheperding of the Parish and think what they can do to make the work of easier.

In his sermon derived from the book of Joshua Chapter number 1 and verse 1ff, the Moderator told the new Minister that he has a duty to take the Parish to the next level, just as Joshua was given the responsibility by God to lead the children of Israel to cross over the River Jordan to the promised land after the death of his servant Moses. He continued with the second scripture urging Rev Gichuki to take care of the Parish referring to the words of Jesus when he asked his desciple Simon Peter "Do you love me?" "Take care of my flock." He said in this particular scripture which was recorded about Jesus talking to the disciples after his ressurection shows Jesus reconciling with Peter after denying him during his trial. He said even the flock the minister is entrusted to tend some have thorns that can pierce him, but nevertheles, he has to take care of them all. Turning to the members, Rev Mwihandi urged them to support minister and they will benefit from his vast knowledge.

The Rev. Robert Gibson Gichuki was born in Nakuru County and is a son of the late Ishmael Wambugu and the late Miriam Wangui of Githakwa village, Nyeri County.

His Christian journey began in PCEA Wandumbi where he grew up in the faith and later in his youth where he was able to interact with many faithful Christians.

After a successful primary and secondary school education, Gibson went to work in Nairobi and in 1976 he committed his life to Jesus Christ when he was still working in Nairobi. He got convicted of God's call to full time ministry and was interviewed by the then Nairobi Presbytery that recommended him for training in 1979. He consiquently joined St. Paul's United Theological College in 1979-1981.

He was posted for his ministry internship in Nanyuki in the then Tumutumu Presbytery in 1982. the same year he was again posted to Nyeri Parish in Nyeri Presbytery where he was licenced on 3/3/1983 and was ordained the same year on 28/11/1983.

He has acquired most of his studies both locally and outside the country as follows:

1987 - 1988 - Youth leadership in Zambia

1993 - 1994 - Social policy and administration in Britain (U.K)

1998 - 1999 - Community based development in Kenya, Emergency response in Kenya, Community based psycho-social in Kenya

He has served in the following Parishes and stations.

- P.C.E.A Nanyuki Parish, Tumutumu Presbytery - 1982

- P.C.E.A Nyeri Parish, Nyeri Presbytery - 1982 - 1984

- P.C.E.A Thegenge Parish, Nyeri Presbytery - 1985

- P.C.E.A Muhito Parish, Tumutumu Presbytery - end of 1985 - 1988

- P.C.E.A Ngirine Parish, Imenti Presbytery - 1988 - 1991

- P.C.E.A Komothai Parish, Kambui Presbytery - 1991 - 1993

- P.C.E.A Muthithi Parish, Murang'a Presbytery - 1995 - 1996

- P.C.E.A Head Office Coordinating Director (BSR) - 1997 2011

- P.C.E.A Musa Gitau Parish, Limuru Presbytery - end of 2011 - 2016

- P.C.E.A Ndeiya Parish, Limuru Presbytery - 2016 - to date


Rev. Simon Kiema: Laid to rest

The Church presence was felt at Zombe location of Kitui County when tens of church minister atteded the burial ceremony of the late Rev. Simon Kiema. The funeral service was presided by the Moderator of the 21st General Assembly the Rt. Rev. Julius Guantai Mwamba. In his sermon the Moderator of the General Assembly encouraged the family and urged the to always walk with God and He is going to bless and strengthen them. Rt. Rev. Julius Mwamba echoed the words of the Secretary General Rev. Peter Kaniah saying that the money contributed by the minesters to support the families of their departed colleagues will cater for their education upto O level. Dispite the support by the church, he urged the children and the entire family to hope in the Lord who will never abandon them and if it will happen that they will be joining the University in future the Lord will be always there for them. Also inattendance was the former Cabinet Secretary Hon. Charity Kaluki Ngilu who thanked the church for the gesture they showed to their 'Son' (the late Rev. Simon). Hon. Ngilu asked every one present to pray for widow and her children. She said people to be on look out saying some times we involve God where we shouldn't because many accidents occur due to reckless driving and motor cycle riding. She said, "Not talking about the Reverend, I happened to see a small boy riding a motor cycle carrying six passangers. This is very dangerous."

The late Rev. Simon Kiema was laid to rest on Monday 9th May 2016. As a young man, Simon gave his life to and served Him as his Lord and Saviour. He was baptized in 1984 by Rev. Hezron Maina Wandu in PCEA Kanguli church. In 1988, for his love of the Lord Jesus Christ and call to serve, he volunteered himself into the work of sharing the Good News as an evangelist in PCEA Kyamatu church where worked for three (3) years. Thereafter he was employed by the Presbytery to as serve as an evangelist where he worked for five (5) years.

In 1995 Rev. Simon joined Presbyterian Pastoral Institute (today PUEA) where he did his ministerial studies. In 1998, he went for practical as a student minister at PCEA Eastleigh Community Centre under Rev. Geofrey Ngari. In the same year he was licensed and ordained as a minister of the Gospel and sacrament.

He has served in the following Presbyteries: Nairobi Presbytery, Kikumini Mission Area 1999 - 2005; Chuka Presbytery, Kambandi Parish 2006 - 2008; Kiamathare Presbytery, Kitui Nendeni Area 2009 - 2015 and Aberdare Presbytery, Satima Parish January 2016 until his demise. He served the Church wholeheartedly for 18 years.

The late Rev. Simon met his death on the night of Sunday 30th April 2016 when he was involved in a road accident on his way home from his work station at Satima Parish, Aberdare Presbytery. At around midnight a good samaritan took him to Kitui General Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.