Vision Statement

A vibrant and well co-ordinated Youth Movement
Extending to every corner of East Africa and beyond


YOUTH WEEK 2017will be observed from 1st May - 7th May 2017
Theme: “But Grow in the Grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” 2 Peter 3:18

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Youth Director Rev. Simon Gitiora preaching at a revival revival session in Arusha during the just concluded one week mission
Youth Information Desk

Youth Director Rev. Simon Githiora preaching at PCEA Ting'ang'a during the funeral service for Mary Wanjiru commonly known by the youth as "Marie Shii". She was a member of the CYC, a member of the Central Regional Council, Kiamathare Presbyterial Council Secretary and Ting'ang'a Parish Council Secretary


DATE                 ACTIVITY                              VENUE

14-15/12/15        O.T.P. Beneficiaries Forum      PUEA

16/1/16               CYC Meeting                     Head Office
23/1/16               Regional Workshop           Mt. Kenya

30/1/16               Regional Workshop           Nairobi

06/2/16               Regional Workshop           RVR 1

13/2/16               Regional Workshop           Central

20/2/16               Regional Workshop           Eastern

27/2/16               Regional Workshop           RVR 2

31/3-2/4/16        CYC Summit/Meeting         Lay Training Centre

25/4-1/5/16        Youth Week                       Congregations

28/5/16              CYC Meeting                      Head Office

22/6-26/6/16      Annual Mission                   Central Region

23-27/8/16        Annual Conference              Mt. Kenya

23-25/9/16        CYC Engagement                Eastern

29/10/16           CYC Meeting                       Head Office


Themes for 2016

Hebrews 13:15
Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise, the fruits of lips that confess his name.



The PCEA Youth Department came into being by a resolution of PCEA General Assembly (GA) in 1960 to cater for the needs of young people between ages 15-35 years.  In inaugurating the Youth department, it was agreed that the department embrace activities of young people and enlist their efforts in the tasks of evangelism and fellowship.  Further, the youth department through the overall governing Committee herewith referred to as the Central Youth Committee (CYC) was charged with the responsibility of coordinating all the youth activities, projects and programs through Regional, Presbyterial, Parish and congregational youth fellowship committees


Youth Motto: Love, Unity and Service.

Youth Vision Statement
The Youth Department hopes to see a vibrant and well coordinated youth movement extending to every corner of East Africa and Beyond.

The Youth department exists to:-
a)    Bring young people in fellowship, discipleship and evangelism. (To equip, uplift and up build young people)
b)    Raise and equip emerging young leaders to serve to the church and society.
c)    Empower young people physically, economically, socially and politically.
Core Values:-
a)    Bible and Christ centered service.
b)    Democratic participation and inclusiveness 
c)    Team work and networking
d)    Discipline and integrity

Membership is open to all young people of ages 15-35 years. The Youth Department is represented from grassroots (congregations) through Parish Committees then Presbyterial, Region and Central Youth Committee-CYC (overall governing body).  The overall membership is over 100,000 youth members.

Scope of activities
The Youth Department is generally involved in missions (witnessing, crusades, church planting etc), visits (to children’s homes, prisons, etc) schools and colleges guidance and counselling, caring for the aged and sick in the community.
At the CYC Level four major activities are undertaken annually. These are:-
i)     Annual Youth Camp/conference
        This is a major activity in the history of PCEA youth department. It is held every second week of August and brings close to 2000 young people from East Africa who spend the whole week in worship,  Bible study, sports and counselling and Seminars/workshop. It is quite interactive and participatory.
ii)    Annual Youth Mission (held in April of each year)
        The department in consultation with G.A. officials selects a needy mission site in any of the 5 regions. A week long witnessing including door to door, person to person, open air crusades and indoor worship services are held. The youth together with the local community led by Parish Minister puts up semi permanent sanctuary for use after the mission
iii)   Annual Youth Week
        Held in every first week of May. A schedule of events is prepared and circulated to all youth groups. The program entails issues of Bible Study Prayers, practice of songs, cleaning of church compound and leading in Sunday worship. A text for theme is taken every year to guide young people on the objective to be met.
iv)    Annual Youth leaders training workshop and retreat. (Held in January each year).
        This is an event that brings together the whole leadership of the Central Youth Committee (CYC) members. They are taught on leadership and administration skills as well as being updated to the current church mission objectives. During the retreat annual youth elections are held for the CYC office bearers. The Director serves as the Secretary on Permanent basis.
v)    Other Activities
        The Regions, Presbyterials’, Parishes and Congregations hold their activities throughout the year. The most common activities includes :-
        Youth camps, overnight prayer meetings (keshas), revival weeks and weekend challenges, bible studies, visitations  to youth members, outreach missions, mountain climbing and hikes, sports etc.

Ecumenical Partnership
The Central Youth Committee (CYC) is open to opportunities for conversation, relationship, cooperation and interaction with similar Church youth organisations and community organisations dealing with young people such as scouts, KSCF, YMCA, FOCUS (Fellowship of Christian Unions in Colleges and Universities).  The department is committed to initiate and respond to approaches for conversations and common action with other PCEA Partner Churches e.g. Church of Scotland, Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI), Presbyterian Church in USA  PC (USA), and Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC), Presbyterian Church in Korea and others.

Overall Strategies
The Youth Department is strategically positioned to fulfill its mandate through the following strategies:-
1.    Evangelistic Outreach Strategy
        -      Establish one congregation per year
        -      To hold annual mission conventions
        -      Coordinate monthly prayer rallies for mission in every Parish
2.    Youth economic empowerment
        -      Fund developments through Vijana Sacco
        -      Higher Education Sponsorship Plan
        -      Training in Business Enterprise Skills    
3.    Youth socio-cultural strategy
        -      Register 2500 members quarterly
        -      Establish a Youth Resources Centre
        -      Conduct quarterly advocacy forums
        -      Publish Youth Quarterly Magazine.
4.    Leadership Development Strategy
        -      Hold Annual Leadership Conferences
        -      Hold Quarterly Consultative Forums for leaders
5.    Youth networking and collaboration strategy
        -      Initiate and respond to ecumenical partnership programmes
        -      Organise Annual Youth Exchange Programmes
6.    Spiritual Development Strategy
        -      Develop Discipleship Materials
        -      Organise and coordinate discipleship groups

Partnership and Support Opportunity
The CYC is committed to initiate and respond to all people of good will for common action to uplift and up-build the youth work.  Please indicate areas of Interests and send us your response and opinion.
        •      Evangelistic Strategy                                
        •      Youth Economic Empowerment
        •      Leadership Development                                    
        •      Discipleship Programmes
        •      Net work and Collaboration                     
        •      Youth Social-Cultural Strategy

Concluding Remarks
The Central Youth is committed to “Equip the saints for the work of service “(Eph. 4:12)

We invite you to partner, collaborate and cooperate with us.

Glory be to God in the Highest

 For more information please contact:
The Director PCEA Youth Department
General Assembly Office

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                 Tel: 254-020-6003608/6008848  
                 Fax: 254-020-6009102, 
                 E-mail: info@pcea.or.ke

Personal:        E-mail: simongithiora@yahoo.com


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