A Brief Chronology of P.C.E.A

Kibwezi Mission

East African Scottish Mission opened at Kibwezi



Thongoto Missions

Kibwezi Mission transferred to Kikuyu (Thogoto).

Kambui GMS

1901 - Kikuyu Mission handed over to the Church of Scotland Mission (CSM).

1902 - First church with a thatched roof built at Kambui (Gospel Missionary Society).

1906 - First convert baptised at kambui.

1900 -1906

1907 - 1909

Kikuyu Missions

1907 - Philip Karanja baptised as first Presbyterian convert at Kikuyu.

1908 - First Gikuyu translation of Gospel according to St. Mark.

         - Medical service at Kikuyu Mission begins.

1909 - Watson / Scott Memorial Chapel (The Little Church) erected at

Thogoto, this is  the oldest Presbyterian building.

Tumutumu Missions

Church of Scotland Mission opened at Tumutumu.



Timeline Item Title

Medical service at Tumutumu Mission begins.

St. Andrew's Church erected and dedicated in Nairobi.

Chogoria Missions

Church of Scotland Mission opened at Chogoria.

1922 - medical services at choggoria begins


For a more comprehesive list of resources documenting our history, download the following attached resources and visit our archive site here to learn more. Some of the material are still on the process of being converted check this links lateer on.

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