The Moderator is the most senior office bearer within the Presbyterian Church of East Africa. The Moderator-General shall be regarded as a “Father-in-God” to all ministers, elders and congregational members of the Church.

General assembly Moderator

Moderators Titles.

The serving Moderator is given the honorific style, Right Reverend (Rt. Rev.). Former Moderators are known as Very Reverend (Very Rev), The former moderators to the General Assembly are also  reffered to as Church Fathers.

Election of the Moderator

The moderator is elected by the members of the court on after every three year. He can only hold the office for two consecutive three years terms.

Duties of the moderator.

The Moderator is the Chairman of the General Assembly, the GAC and the Business Committee, and is the spokesman and representative of the Assembly. He chairs this meetings.

The moderator is the ceremonial leader of the church in the nation events and international events wher the church where the church need represenation. He is mandated to speak ob behalf of the church on respective matters.

The Presbyterian Church of East Africa elects a Moderator every three years. The current Moderator is the Right Rev Julius Guantai Mwamba.

Past General Assembly Resources

01Acceptance Speech

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02Documents from the Moderator
03Moderator Trip
04Past Moderators of the General Assembly
05Burning Bush

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