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The Presbyterian Church of East Africa dates back in 1891 when directors of Imperial British East Africa Chartered Company, among them Sir William Mackinon and Mr. A.L. Bruce, invited a group of missionaries who came to Kenya and founded a mission among the Kamba and Maasai at Kibwezi under the name of “The East African Scottish Mission. Learn more.

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The fellowship groups seeks to offer contextualised ministry and meet specific needs of the various categories of members in the church. 

Presbyterian Church of East Africa is in the process of seeking a suitable candindate to fill the position of General Manager in charge of Milele hotels.

The 1st G.A.C of the 22nd General Assembly will be held at Milele Resort Nakuru. This will be a historic assembly since its the first time the meeting is taking place at a hotel.
The proposed docket includes information on the official assembly meetings as well as some important events that precede the start of the assembly.

Sometimes we are so busy serving we forget to stop and see what the Lord is doing around us and through us. Minister fraternal is a great opportunity to recconect


The Moderator is the most senior office bearer within the Presbyterian Church of East Africa. The Moderator-General shall be regarded as a “Father-in-God” to all ministers, elders and


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To fulfill our missions we collaborate with friends and
partners across the globe. This includes both
internationals and domestic partners.
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