Venue : Milele Resort Nakuru

Date : Tuesday 23th to Saturday 27th April, 2019.


The 1st G.A.C of the 22nd General Assembly will be held at Milele Resort Nakuru. This will be a historic assembly since its the first time the assembly is taking place at a hotel. Traditionally the asembly has been meeting in a school setup.

About Milele Resort ..:

Planning for Your Time at the Assembly

The assembly will convene with Holy Communion and Memorial Service for Late Ministers & Elders from 5:00 P.m, on Tuesday, 27 April,2019 and adjourn on Saturday, 27 April. See the Schedule of Events which also includes descriptions of the many meetings, meals, and other events taking place during the assembly.

The assembly business meetings will be held at the Milele Resort Hotel, Nakuru. Most other meetings and events will take place there.

 Assembly Worship

There are many opportunities to worship together during the week, beginning with a divine sevice by the 21st general Assembly Moderator on Tuesday 27, April 2019.

Preachers at the daily worship services are ...

 Space for Prayer

The P.C.E.A St. Andrews Church will be open for personal prayer and spiritual refreshment and staffed by volunteers from the Church Local Arrangements. 

Dining and Meals

Group meals are provided at Milele Hotel Restraunts for commissioners and delegates; other participants can purchase meals at the hotel restraunts. 

Please also see the FAQs for additional information regarding General assembly.

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